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Safety is paramount. So if you hear a grinding noise or the pedal feels spongy when breaking you must show your vehicle to a trained technician.

Driving with dangerous or defective tyres not only put you at risk but can also result in a fine and three points on your license. Remember this is per tyre, so four unfit tyres could mean a heavy fine and points. So keeping your tyres in a healthy state is imperative.

Our diagnostic equipment provides an in depth search and review of your vehicle. From error codes to programming issues our trained team of technicians can identify any performance or noise issues.

By identifying any problems we are able to help you avoid significantly higher prices in later repairs.

At Auto Pro-Fit we don’t just want to repair your vehicle. Where we can, we want to be able to give you the best advice on keeping your car healthy and you happy.

Here’s some a list of car maintenance and servicing basics to help you keep your vehicle’s life extended.

Reading the manual

Your car manual has all the important information and tips you require in how to keep your vehicle maintained. Don’t know how to life the bonnet? It’s in the manual. How often should you top up the fluids? It’s in the manual. How do I check my tyre pressure? Your manual is here to help you.


The British weather means your wiper will be in a lot of use, wether it’s because of the rain or the wind and dirt. We recommend you change your wipers at least once a year. A dirty windscreen is dangerous so keeping it clean is important. It’s worth noting that if you spend that little bit extra on quality blades you will notice the difference.

Car Battery

Keep an eye on of how old your battery is as you don’t want it to die on you when you least expect it. One way to keep a battery healthy is to inspect the terminals for any sign of corrosion (when you open the bonnet).

It’s also worth topping up the battery fluid when needed. Remember to use distilled water and do not overfill. If you don’t use you car as much it can result in the battery draining and your vehicle not to start. Always try to take your car for a short run (if not in use) just to keep the battery in check.

Forgetting to change your oil

We all forget to do this sometimes but it’s a big one to get right. If you don’t regularly change your oil it will do a lot of damage to your vehicle. As you know changing an engine is one of the most expensive parts of a car to replace.

By ensuring that you change the oil and keep the engine well lubricated you can avoid such problems as the engine overheating and for the vehicle to run less efficiently.

Please refer to your owner's manual to find out when and how you should have your oil changed.