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Our Services

A service keeps your car or commercial vehicle healthy. But when placing your vehicle for a service it can be daunting not knowing what lies ahead.

That is why when Auto-Pro-Fit technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment they give you a clear and open service at all times. At Auto Pro-Fit we advise that a service should be carried out every 12,000 miles, this will not only help reduce the risk of a vehicle breakdown but also prolong its life.

We offer the following service packages:
  • Intrim Service – this is a short service
  • Full Service – This is full service and we offer 12 check Points with it
  • Major service – This is major service and we offer 25 Check points with it

As part of our service Auto Pro-Fit technicians use synthetic and semi synthetic oils to help improve your vehicles performance and protect it from any potential damage. Using synthetic oils over mineral ones helps fuel efficiency and protects the engine across extreme temperatures. If you’re unsure to which oil to use in your vehicle the Auto Pro-Fit team is happy to recommend which type of oil to use.

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Car Servicing

Axle, CV Joint, Driveshaft Repair
Belts & Hoses
Brake Repair
Climate Control Systems
Engine Diagnostics and Performance

Car Checkup

Electrical and Electronic Systems
Engine Diagnostics and Performance
Lube, Oil & Filter Change
Preventive Maintenance
Starting, Charging & Batteries


Automatic Transmission Repair
Clutch Adjustment and Inspection
Clutch Replacement
Manual Transmission Repair
4WD Transfer Case Repair and Service


Emissions Inspection
Insurance Inspection
Safety Inspection
Fluid Inspection
Mileage Consumption


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Computerized Wheel Balancing
Tyre Purchase & Tire Installation
Tyre Repair
Tyre Rotation