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Whether you’re looking for new tyres for your vehicle or you’re resolving issues with existing ones Auto Pro-Fit is here to help.

Auto Pro-Fit’s experienced technicians can check anything from correct air pressure to alignment and balancing issues. We also fit all types of tyres from standard steel to alloys.

It is important to be able to get the tyres that fit your vehicle, be it part worn or winter tyres. But we don’t stop there. At Auto Pro-Fit we are committed to giving added value and offer services like 4 wheel tracking.

If your vehicle suffers from uneven tyre wear, heavy steering and even the vehicle pulling to the left or right this is generally considered an alignment issue. Today many vehicles have systems such as ABS, traction control and cruise control so having all four wheels aligned correctly is important for your safety.

Auto Pro-Fit provides the following services:

  • 4 wheel tracking 3D: Our machines will ensures that all wheels are pointing the same direction, meaning when you’re driving in a straight line the steering wheel is straight.
  • 2 wheel tracking 3D: The Auto Pro-Fit technician will perform alignment on the front wheels only.
  • Balancing: Have an imbalance in your tyres? Car a little wobbly? We will get you sorted.

To find out what the best tyres are for your vehicle visit our Autocentre or call 01902 863641 today.

Tyres Advice

Driving with dangerous or defective tyres not only put you at risk but can also result in a fine and three points on your license. Remember this is per tyre, so four unfit tyres could mean a heavy fine and points.

So keeping your tyres in a healthy state is imperative. But how do you go about doing this? At Auto Pro-Fit we advise you look for the following checks when looking to replace tyres:

  • Break wear: To check have a look at the spaces between the wheel's spokes. The outside pad is pressed against a metal rotor. If there isn’t at least 1/4 inch of pad. you may need to have your brake pads inspected or replaced.
  • Disc conditions: Are your brakes making a clicking noise? Is the break pedal vibrating? If so, it’s time to get them changed. This may be causing issues in your tyres.
  • Plays on wheels
  • Wheel bearing: many alignment or steering problems (that in turn cause tyre issues) are connected to the wheel bearing.
  • European legislation states that all tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in the centre ¾ of the tread in a continual band around the tyre.